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Our Advantages

At Los Altos Law we have extensive experience in both litigation and patent prosecution. We're ideal for crafting strategies for use with your IP portfolio, and for building and maintaining a portfolio so that your legal, engineering, and buisness efforts are coordinated

Focusing on Intellectual Property in the following areas:

Patent Counseling, Prosecution, & Infringement Opinions

Portfolio Building



Trade Secrets

Arbitration & Mediation

Venture Intellectual Property

Internet Security and Privacy

Fields of Expertise Include:

Artifical Intellegence & Machine Learning Systems

Analog & Digital Circuitry and Components

Bioinformatics and Computational Chemistry

Biomedical Devices

Computer Network Routing and Interconnection

Distributed and Reliable Database Systems

Graphics Subsystems and Computation

Parallel Processing

Robotic Devices

Smart Phones and Mobile Device Hardware
Telecommunications Including Wireless Communication

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