Los Altos Law

Los Altos Law is a boutique law firm based in California’s Silicon Valley around the Palo Alto area. We specialize in Intellectual Property and related technology law including patents, trademarks, trade secrets, copyrights, and other legal issues that apply to technology.

At Los Altos Law, our lawyers have over three decades of experience in virtually all aspects of Intellectual Property, and in understanding and evaluating many different technologies, plus real world experience in science and engineering. We also have experience in Angel and VC investing since the beginning of this century. We understand, as best one can in uncertain circumstances, how your Intellectual Property portfolio will be viewed by investing professionals, and how this affects the value of your company.

Our job is to protect your market. It is our intention that, even after you have paid our fees, that you will have a net profit on the value of your Intellectual Property and your company. It is our policy that we act as an extension of our client's internal team. For clients with an internal attorney or law department, you can treat us as an extension of that law department, and we will get things done for you (as far as that's possible, of course, we can't make any guarantees). For clients without, well now you have one.

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